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How To Collect Symptoms

In order to choose correct remedy, you need to 'take the case'. This is when you collect all of the symptoms in order to select the remedy which most matches the symptoms. Here is a list of useful information that you will need for acute complaints...

One symptom is not enough to prescribe on. For example, there are hundreds of remedies for a headache - try to get as much information as you can. A really easy method to follow is called CAMELS. Let me explain!

C is for...Concomitants

These are symptoms that occurs alongside the main complaint. For example, you might have a headache with a cold. How is your mood, appetite, bowel movements?

A is for...Aetiology

When did your symptoms start and was there a reason? It could be you were caught out in the rain, or it may be that you have been looking at a computer screen all day. Many people become ill after a shock or accident.

M is for...Modalities

What makes your symptoms better? For example, hot application, cold application, hot drink, cuddle, being left alone. What makes them worse? For example, movement, eating, talking. What time of day or night is worse? What time of day or night is better?

E is for...Extension

Does the pain extend to other parts of the body?

L is for...Location

Try to be as specific as possible here. If the pain is in your head, is it the front? If so, is it behind the eyes or across the forehead?

S is for...Sensation

What does is feel like? This can be tricky one to find out. If you have not used homeopathy a lot before, you may just say, ‘It hurts’ or ‘It is sore’ but can you explain it further? For example, with a sore throat you may say it is like swallowing razors or that it is burning. Is the pain hot, pulsating, throbbing, twitching?


Once you have the information:

Prioritise the symptoms – what are the most important ones e.g. the main symptom and/or the strongest symptoms. Is there a striking or unusual symptom? Put these high on the list. Your chosen remedy should cover these symptoms.

At the end, if it is still difficult to narrow down to one remedy, go with your intuition. Homeopathy is completely safe. You will not do any harm by taking a remedy that is not 100% the right match. If you don't get relief after taking a couple of doses, move on to another remedy. Alternatively, you can book an acute appointment with me here.


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