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A person's symptoms are as individual as a fingerprint.

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Online appointments only

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Pay as you go

Discovery Call


This is a 15-minute appointment for you to ask questions about homeopathy and how you could benefit from homeopathic care. Please note that no advice or treatment will be given during this appointment.

Initial Consultation
£100 /$180 USD

This first appointment is to discuss in detail the chronic (long term) condition(s) you are experiencing. Book this option for your first homeopathy consultation. This will be an in-depth video session (using a platform of your choice) that will last  60 minutes. I will need to go through your story, past and present to reveal the underlying cause and make connections that will lead to an individualised prescription.

Follow Up
£65 /$90 USD

Regularly scheduled follow-ups (30 minutes) are essential to measure your progress, the effectiveness of your remedy and to discuss any new or changing symptoms. 

Acute Consultation

£40/$52 USD

This 20-minute appointment is for complaints can generally be treated in a short amount of time such as flu, sore throat, cough, colds, infections, or an allergic reaction from a sting etc. Please book this consultation if you have an acute issue requiring immediate relief or treatment. 



New Client Package
£199/299 USD

Homeopathic treatment is suggested to be a minimum of two follow-up appointments to access your health progress.

First consultation and 2 additional follow-up sessions (paid in advance).

Pay as you go
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