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Suffering with a chronic condition can be really debilitating. I know. I’ve been there. When you’ve tried multiple things with little success you may think why would homeopathy be any different?


I was exactly the same. After suffering with a range of symptoms which conventional medicine just hadn’t been able to help me with, I eventually tried homeopathy. The results were nothing short of amazing! I had to know more so that I could spread the word to other people too!

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My love and passion for homeopathy led me to completing a degree-level course with the North West College of Homeopathy. I am now privileged to regularly see people’s lives transformed by this amazing system of natural medicine. I support people with a wide range of conditions, but I have a special interest in women’s health and hormones from teenage period pain to menopause and everything in between.

In my spare time, I enjoy going for daily walks. I am privileged to live in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) and I like to count fallow deer, foxes and owls amongst my neighbours! I enjoy exploring new places with my husband and son. We also have two cats who kindly let us live in the house with them!



The menopause is a life event and not a disease or disorder. Homeopathy truly is a medicine of transition compared to conventional ‘blanket treatment’. Homeopathic remedies can support and reflect a process, stage by stage as a woman reassess and changes how she lives which many women do during a journey of personal shift such as menopause.


You can listen to my podcast about how homeopathy can help with peri-menopausal symptoms here

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