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Caring for Coughs with Homeopathy

Many people find coughs difficult to treat however with the right remedy, coughs respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment.

There are over 200 remedies listed under the general symptom of 'coughing' so here are some of the more commonly used ones which can help an uncomplicated cough.



  • Useful for the early onset of any acute complaint, especially colds

  • Worse after exposure to cold wind or getting chilled in general.

  • Dry, croupy cough

  • Anxious, fretful and restless


  • Cough as soon as head touches the pillow

  • Deep, paroxysmal (sudden), spasmodic (irregular) cough

  • Attacks follow one and other rapidly

  • Cough with retching and vomiting

  • Worse 12midnight to 2am

  • Cough from irritation or tickle in the larynx

  • Mucus may taste salty

  • Cold sweat may accompany cough

  • Cough so severe that it triggers nosebleeds

  • Worse for talking and eating

  • May be useful for whooping cough


  • Cough may be changeable, like the patient in general

  • Perhaps dry at night and loose in the day

  • Often associated with production of a lot of green mucus from the nose or chest

  • Always worse in a warm room

  • Better for fresh open air

  • Tend to be tearful, especially when ill

  • Thirstless


  • Cough with retching and vomiting

  • Child stiffens with the cough

  • Coughs till blue in face

  • Rattling of mucus on the chest


  • Dry cough

  • Painful cough, may hold head or chest during coughing bout

  • Worse motion

  • Thirsty

  • Irritable


These are by no means the ONLY remedies which can help ease short lived coughs.

There are hundreds!

You may find symptoms change and another remedy is required.

The remedies are helping the body heal and part of the healing process is often a progression through different symptoms.

For help with potency and dosage, please click here.

Alternatively, contact me and we can arrange an acute consultation.


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